About Us

Nutri Savvee is a health and wellness company that sells its own brand of organic herbal supplement capsules, organic vitamin supplement powder, plant-based protein food products, health & beauty products and Nutri Savvee merchandise through an e-commerce platform.

Nutri Savvee is based in Houston, TX, and was created in October 2020 during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Motivated by improving one’s own health, the company started creating natural health products for individuals currently practicing or switching to a healthier lifestyle.

The health & wellness company also provides essential health-related information for those who are still struggling with their health, those who are just beginning their health journey, and those who have already made this amazing lifestyle change.

Nutri Savvee is like an online health convenience store. Because, you can purchase a wide variety of health products, gain enough knowledge to become a health connoisseur, and utilize this newfound knowledge to help the next person in need!

- "Your Health Is Your Wealth"

- "Health Yourself'